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Therapeutic Massage


Therapeutic massage can reduce your stress level and tension, promote healing and relaxation, and energize you to help you face life’s challenges.  Whether you want more freedom of movement, relief from aching muscles and joints, or to achieve a relaxed state, consider the benefits obtained with therapeutic massage.  Cancer survivors, caregivers, soon-to be moms (and new moms!), athletes, and weekend gardeners are just some of the individuals who have discovered the positive qualities of this work.


Swedish:  long, flowing strokes working broad muscles and muscle groups-primarily just below the skin, also incorporates kneading, tapping and friction.


Deep Tissue:  typically shorter strokes working deep muscles. Can be very specific in its work and used on muscles with chronic pain or injury.  Recommend for athletes.


Myofascial works the fascia, the thin connective tissue covering muscles cells, muscles and organs in the body allowing the body to move.   


Hot Stones: used as a tool in both Swedish and Deep Tissue work bring heat and relaxation to muscles


AIS Method: Active Isolated Stretching used primarily with active individuals to increase range of motion and recovery from injury


Trager Approach: “uses gentle rocking and bouncing motions to induce states of deep, pleasant relaxation. It helps facilitate the nervous system's communication with the muscles, so that it can be used as a method of rehabilitation especially by people suffering from traumatic injuries, post-polio syndrome, and other chronic neuromuscular problems."


Trigger Point: working points on the body that trigger pain and discomfort  “by deactivating Trigger Points that may cause local pain or refer pain and other sensations, such as headaches, in other parts of the body.”


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