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Appointment Process:


Appointments can be scheduled by calling our office at (410) 964-9100.  If no one is available to take your call, we will return your message promptly.  All of your inquiries will be responded to directly by the practitioner.  For convenience, appointments may also be scheduled by e-mail.  Appointments are scheduled in advance, though same-day appointments may be available. Visit the Practitioners page to contact your choice of our practitioners. 



Preparing for your appointment


All forms required for your first visit are available below



      Acupuncture Forms                Massage Therapy Forms         Counseling/Psychotherapy Forms









Fees are due at the time of service.  Our practitioners are non-participating providers and our services are direct-pay services.  We provide documentation if you choose to submit services to your insurance provider.  Many plans reimburse for our services and we encourage you to check with your insurance provider. In some cases, a referral from a physician may be required for insurance purposes.  Pre-tax health savings plans may also allow for designated funds to be applied toward complementary care services.  Payment options and patient assistance programs may also be discussed.


For your convenience, we have linked some of the more common insurance forms for you to use if you should decide to submit your receipts.

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