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- More Calm, More Clarity

- Change Unhealthy Behaviors 

- Grieve loss in a healthy and safe way


- Improve Relationships 


With locations in both Columbia, Maryland and in Severna Park, Maryland, Healing Point Acupuncture & Healing Arts provides holistic care to patients with a variety of health challenges. Our practitioners focus on treating the whole person using centuries-old wisdom based healing practices including:


Therapeutic Massage

The Unlocking the Heart of Healing Meditation Experience
Classes and Education



Clients seek our care for a variety of issues including:


• Pain
• Stress
• Infertility
• Cancer and Side Effects of Treatment
• Anxiety and Depression
• Chronic Illness
• Musculoskeletal Issues
• Interpersonal Communications Skills
• General Well-being/Preventive Medicine

• Peak Performance


We work in concert with your medical treatment to manage symptoms and promote the natural ability of the body to heal. Our practitioners partner with medical professionals of many different specialties in cases requiring medical monitoring. We have directly served patients from the Central Maryland Oncology Center and the Howard County General Hospital / Johns Hopkins community since 2001 and have practiced on-site at the Central Maryland Oncology Center between 2004 and 2019 before we outgrew our space and expanded to our current location. Neurologists, Orthopedics, Phychologists, Fertility Doctors, Oncologists, Cardiologists, Pain specialists and more trust us with their patients' care and regularly refer to our integrated practice so we can aid in treatment.

Events //

Bridget gives a lighthearted tour of Healing Point's Columbia location to Phillips Corporation CEO Alan Phillips and Senior Team Member Shelley Brady.

Yoga Classes in Columbia

For more info and to register click here


Meditation Class on Mondays in Columbia


We hung this photo in our office because of its symbolic significance for healing.


On top of the thin hardened lava crust under which hot lava flows only a mile away from where Brandon took this photo in Hawaii, a sea of squatters set up shacks and shanties to start a new life on unclaimed (and still wildly unstable) terrain.


It reminded us of patients after chemo and radiation, or any hardship or illness, when the terrain is still risky, barren, and parched.


It takes a certain kind of guts to strike out and set up a new life on unstable parched land, with unfettered hope for what is possible. Over time, those same barren crusts transform to some of the most lush, fertile landscapes on our planet.


When I look at this photo I am reminded to rebuild from hardship with guts and moxie, and allow nature to heal inner and outer landscapes beyond my wildest dreams.


- Calm your mind, relax your body, awaken

  your Spirit

- Reduce pain, increase flexibility and   



- Provide deep relaxation to enhance body's

  healing process


- Support immune system


Reduce pain and increase mobility


- Provide deep relaxation and renew energy


- Support immune system


- Help you achieve peak performance

Valerie Lapcinski LMT Massage Therapist Columbia, Severna Park Maryland
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